Our Team

Our experienced team of workers, office personnel and sales people work together to make Excell your best choice for all your maintenance needs.

Vince had his first job at the age of 12 working in his grandmother’s grocery store in Philadelphia.  He stocked shelves, cleaned the store and watched in amazement as his grandmother tallied up purchases at the register “in her head” (no calculator, no register).  She taught him to work hard, have pride in his job and always put the customer first.  Vince worked from that time on and by the time he was 18, he was the manager at a Meat Market in his local community.  He owned his first business (a food market) by the time he was 20.  Both his parents were entrepreneurs and had their own businesses , so it must have been in his blood.  His family set the example and taught him to be trustworthy and loyal to himself and how to “be his own man”.  Vince started International Maintenance Services (which later became Excell Maintenance Services) in the 1980’s.  He took care of one large shopping center all by himself, cutting the grass in the summer and sweeping the parking lot throughout the year.  He built his commercial business to be what it is today – a diverse maintenance company that provides lawn care, sweeping, construction, parking lot maintenance and snow removal to over 100 clients.  Vince loves his job, loves to work and most importantly loves his customers.  It is that first lesson he learned from his grandmother all those years ago that is the reason for his success– he is always putting the customer first and doing the best job he can.  

Molly is a “one of a kind” employee with 30 + years of experience of running Excell Maintenance in all departments. Molly has been with Excell since we have opened our doors. She has watched us grow year by year. She now handles the accounting, booking keeping and financials.

Jennifer has worked for Excell since the 8th grade. Her father (the president and owner of the company) would pick her up from school every day and bring her into work. She started out with the basics, filing away paperwork, organizing files, and typing up checks with a type writer (yes they had them back then). Knowing that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps, she worked her way through college and got her degree in Business. After getting her degree from college, her roll in Excell started to grow and as the years went on her responsibilities became more and more. As the GM of the company Jennifer handles everything, from customer service, job scheduling, project management, overseeing sales, job performance, payroll, human resources, etc. You name she does it all!! After 19 years of working in the office and being on the road with dad (showing her the ropes of the company), she is now proudly assisting Vince with running a successfully family owned and operated company.

Three years ago, Excell Maintenance was joined by the enthusiastic and vibrant Bob O’Sullivan, who serves as an Estimating and Project Management Assistant. In the short time he has been part of Excell’s family, Bob has made noticeable contributions—and he spreads an infectious enthusiasm throughout the office.

Bob’s primary role has been to assist in the estimating department, reviewing potential projects and compiling the necessary information for potential estimates. In that capacity, Bob obtains quotes from vendors, enters information into estimating sheets, and prepares everything for review and ultimately final bid submission. For awarded contracts, he provides information to Compliance to prepare contracts, confirms vendor quotes, prepares submittals for owner approval, and monitors and documents work for billing. He also reviews plans and ensures plan specifications are met, as well as makes sure proposals include everything listed in plan documents. He handles project coordination on miscellaneous jobs and also goes on weekly property site visits.

Hi I’m Kim the office secretary and “do it all girl”. I handle the company’s work orders and all paperwork that coincides with them. I take care of the insurance paperwork, banking, answering phones. I also handle the power sweeping schedules for our customers. There is nothing I can’t do to meet your needs. I am a long time hard working & devoted employee at Excell Maintenance Services Inc.


My Name is Melanie and I am one of the first people who will greet you as you come through the door.  My title is accounts payable, but I do much more than that. I also answer the phones, I’m in charge of the entire fleet registration and insurance, filing, ect… I am always here to help in any situation. I have been with the company for 15 years now and I love what I do and the staff here is amazing.

Amy wears multiple hats at Excell Maintenance Services Inc. As Fleet Maintenance Coordinator, Amy oversees the day-to-day maintenance of entire fleet of vehicles and equipment for each area of expertise that Excell performs for our clients. She coordinates all the service, repairs, parts ordering, quality control and manages our employee experience ensuring they have the equipment they need to get the job done.

Amy also is responsible for our Accounts Receivables, ensuring our clients are invoiced in a timely and efficient manner. She is our client’s point of contact for any billing inquiries and is always happy to help with any questions or research needed to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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