South Jersey Commercial Snow Removal

The South Jersey commercial snow removal division of Excell Maintenance provides support for commercial snow and ice issues before, during and after a winter storm. Our speed and efficiency help to set our Ice and Snow division apart from the competition. We operate a fleet of over 20 medium and heavy duty trucks and we guarantee on-time clearing of your parking lot. We have winter maintenance contracts that guarantee our property maintenance clients priority service and “first run” placement. We have our own salt dome that rivals that of most municipalities and we only use calcium chloride to treat walkways because it is far less damaging to concrete and asphalt surfaces as well as surrounding plant life.

Our South Jersey Commercial Snow Services

  • Parking Lot Plowing
  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • Hand Shoveling of Steps and Other Areas
  • Salting of Parking Lot and Walkways (calcium chloride)
  • Hauling of Snow Piles Offsite
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